STEP 1. Start your tour outside in front of the abbey church.

The abbey church was begun in _____ and completed in ________. It is in the First Romanesque or Lombard Romanesque style characterized by a tanquility, solid strength and stability in contrast to the later soaring points of the gothic style. The church bell tower is __________ feet tall. Above the church doors is a mosaic of Jesus Christ, in Latin the words are ________________ from John 13:13. "I am the Lord and Teacher (Master)." The church doors were carved by Brother Paul, O.S.B. (Order of Saint Benedict) in the _______________. When you enter the quiet abbey church you will be entering a different world, the ancient and restful peace of Benedictine monks.

Next, enter the church through the front doors and continue your tour. Then CLICK HERE [to additional pages to be constructed]