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Saint Leo Abbey Oblates

November 10-12 Oblate-Program Spiritual Retreat on "Prayer and Purity of Heart."

Anyone may attend, Catholics, non-Catholics, men, women. The retreat will be led by Abbot Isaac, OSB.

Retreat Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Registration form due November 3, 2017. $215.00 per person/$430.00 per couple. ($115.00 per person if you are not staying overnight at the abbey.)

The Facebook announcement video by Justin Lawrence.

December 3, 2017 Oblate Christmas Party with the Monks

Y'all come, everyone is invited. An optional and voluntary part of this event is getting a monk a gift on his Christmas wish list.

The party is December 3, 2017 from 1:15 pm until all the desserts are eaten.

Rome Pictures.

Pictures of the young monks' and abbot's July 2017 trip to Rome on Facebook, here, here and here, and Brother Apollo's Flickr.

March 5 Picnic. Pictures!

First Four Questions About Oblates

Saint Leo Abbey's oblate program for all Christian men and women. Live in the world and be an oblate of the abbey.

1. What is an Oblate?

2. Is there an introductory overview of the entire Oblate program?

3. What are specific programs and activities of the Oblates of Saint Leo Abbey?

4. How do I become an oblate? Complete the application.

Follow the Saint Leo Abbey Oblates Facebook page.

This website is about Saint Leo Abbey's oblate program, a Benedictine oblate program for lay men and women from all walks of life.

The abbey is located on Lake Jovita in the Town of Saint Leo, Pasco County, Florida, USA. (location map)

Father Abbot Isaac, OSB, personally directs the Oblate program and leads the discussions in our monthly Oblate classes. Brother Stanislaw, OSB, leads the Oblate novice classes.

Many of us in the Oblate program have been deeply and profoundly changed just by stepping onto the grounds of Saint Leo Abbey.

Saint Leo Abbey is a Catholic Benedictine abbey. The first monks arrived in this area in 1886.


Attendance at our monthly meetings is always an interesting mix of guests, novices and oblates. If you are discerning whether Saint Leo Abbey’s Oblate Sunday program is right for you please register for our e-mail updates and come and join us for our next Oblate Sunday meeting.




Join the contemplative traditions as a Benedictine oblate -- open to every Christian man and woman. Be an oblate! There are about 25,000 oblates in the world, 10,000 in the United States.

Historic Saint Leo Abbey is Florida's only Benedictine abbey.

The monks welcome visitors. You do not need to be an oblate to visit the abbey.

Just want to visit? Sure, the abbey is open to the public. Walk the grounds, pray with the monks, attend daily Mass, or book an individual or group retreat for renewal, reflection or as a relaxing getaway.



Seek God in stillness, away from the world.



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